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MHGG Review - The Flow of History

MHGG Review: The Flow of History

The flow of history is a civilization game. Well, really it is a game version of the tech tree of civilization. Each turn you can invest in New technologies that build up your tableau with more icons, including industry, harvest, attack, defense, culture, trade, and light bulbs. Investing is nice because you get a nice bonus for completing your investments, but it leaves you open to getting snipped from your opponents. Sniping lets you just take an invested tech from an opponent and use it Immediately, but you pay them handsomely for it, letting them respond with a well funded vengeance.

So was the flow of this game's history silky-smooth or rough and tumble? Listen in and find out!

00:00:49 The Flow of History

  • 00:01:30 Rules Overview

  • 00:02:21 Intitial Thoughts

  • 00:05:09 Components

  • 00:18:26 Rules and Rules Explanation

  • 00:24:07 Gameplay

  • 00:53:26 Final Thoughts

01:05:50 Cost and Availability

01:07:12 Listener Feedback

01:13:58 Contact Info

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