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MHGG Review - Rising Sun

MHGG Review: Rising Sun

When this game there were two things known about this game. The first was that this was the spiritual sequel to the acclaimed game, Blood Rage. The second was while Blood rage had its roots in Risk, this game was inspired by Diplomacy. Basically it's "Convince your enemies that your gains are THEIR gains and don't let anyone ally with ____ because he is a dick and is waaaay too ahead and his power is bullshit" the game, or is it?

00:01:33 Rising Sun

  • 00:02:02 Rules Overview

  • 00:03:02 Intitial Thoughts

  • 00:06:19 Components

  • 00:24:21 Rules and Rules Explanation

  • 00:35:10 Gameplay

  • 01:31:32 Final Thoughts

01:51:12 Cost and Availability

01:52:36 Listener Feedback

02:07:07 Contact Info

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