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MHGG Review: Ponzi Scheme

Oh Man, Ponzi Scheme. This trading game is all about one thing, not going bankrupt. You see, each round you sell an innocent bystander on a sham industry. Agriculture, E-Commerce, Shipping, and real Estate. Now, why do they choose you instead of literally everyone else? Well it's because of your 100% Guarantee'd Super High No-Hassle Returns(TM). But since you are a lying liar that lies, they are investing in nothing. Instead, you are using their money to buy shell corporations and pay off previous dopes who were stupid enough to put their life savings into your hands. Once one person goes bankrupt and gets caught, each other player books it to some random island to live their life as a pirate king. Whoever has the most points then is the winner, becoming the most pirate-y king? Listen in as we dive into this game and investigate the finer points of defrauding investors!

MHGG Review: Ponzi Scheme

00:00:37 Ponzi Scheme

  • 00:00:54 Rules Overview

  • 00:01:44 Initial Thoughts

  • 00:03:35 Component Review

  • 00:10:18 Rules and Rules Explanation

  • 00:19:22 Gameplay Review

  • 00:39:58 Final Thoughts

  • 00:52:21 Cost and Availability

00:54:05 Listener Feedback

01:00:01 Episode Wrap-up and Contact Info

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