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MHGG Review - Dinosaur Island

MHGG Review - Dinosaur Island

Here's our review of Dinosaur Island designed by Jonathan Gilmour and Brian Lewis, with art from Kwanchai Moriya and published by Pandasaurus Games. Thankfully, through some order or chaos we found a way to time this perfectly with the new Kickstarter for the 2nd printing. Listen in as we get right down to the DNA of this worker placement game about running a Triassic Amusement Area and figure out what it's made of. At the end of it all, if you haven't lost your world, we'll have told you if you should back this second printing, not whether you could.

00:00:59 Dinosaur Island

  • 00:01:04 Game Info

  • 00:01:19 Rules Overview

  • 00:2:31 Initial Thoughts

  • 00:5:30 Art and Components

  • 00:22:23 Rules and Rules Explanation

  • 00:32:09 Gameplay Review

  • 00:58:25 Final Thoughts

01:21:29 Cost and Availability

01:22:22 Listener Feedback

01:40:29 Episode Wrap Up

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