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MHGG Preview - GenCon 2018

With one of the largest conventions of the year just around the corner, the hosts take some time to go over their plans for GenCon. How are they getting there, what are they looking forward to, and most importantly, what games are the interested in!

00:01:52 GenCon 2018! 00:03:06 Overall plans for the Con

  • 00:03:36 Adrian won't be there

  • 00:05:57 Zach is flying!

  • 00:07:42 Jeff Flies and Drives!

00:27:59 GenCon Games!!!!

  • 00:29:15 Games we want to Buy

  • 00:41:04 Games you want to see

  • 00:55:17 Predictions and other stuff

01:02:34 Listener Feedback 01:10:40 Close and Contact

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