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MHGG Lookback - Terraforming Mars

MHGG Lookback - Terraforming Mars and Expansions

Almost 2 years after they first reviewed it, the Mile High Game Guys take a look back at Terraforming Mars to see if it still lives up to all the hype, then they discuss options for upgrading components, followed by a look at all of the games current expansions.

00:00:52 Our 1st Lookback: Terraforming Mars!

  • 00:02:14 Why Terraforming Mars?

  • 00:02:49 Original Review Info

  • 00:07:22 Upgrading Components

  • 00:17:45 Base Component Longevity

  • 00:20:11 Gameplay

  • 00:36:33 Promo Cards

  • 00:39:12 Does it still live up?

00:45:00 Current Expansions

01:10:12 TFM: Prelude

01:13:37 Listener Feedback

01:20:50 Episode Wrap-up

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