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MHGG #99 - A Taste of Freedom

Free from the shackles of Adrian’s watch as he goes to Origins, Zach and Jeff invite Wes to fill out the show. In recently played games, Jeff finally does good in Black Orchestra, Wes finds a legitimate version of competitive Hanabi in Code 777, Zach watches a wheel move in Hamsterrolle, and everyone gets a chance to talk about Legacy of Dragonholt. Jeff finishes his regular season in the Bloody minute and then gets into something topical. In News, Say hello to Heroes of Terrinoth, goodbye to Netrunner, and Hardback gets ready to go mobile. In Kickstarters, new games Neta Tonka and the Game book, as well as some gaming accessories. Jeff reaches back for an old email, Zach gets some BGG feedback, and a new Patron close out the show.

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