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MHGG #97 - Crossing a Stream in Flip-Flops

As if last weekend wasn't enough excitement, this weekend Zach took off for Moab and Adrian went to HeavyCon to play even more games! After recapping the weekend, Jeff talks about finally tackling Mountains of Madness with the correct rules, Zach moves pieces in Ubongo 3D, and Adrian played a bunch of heavy games at the aptly named HeavyCon. In News, Clank! In! Space! gets a new expansion, Age of Sigmar retaliates against Jeff's disdain from last week with a new kids novel, Cosmic Encounter turns 42, and Azul gets a massive size increase. In Kickstarter, New Corp Era has you manipulate Mega-corps, Herbaceous gets a dice version, and Shadowrun makes an appearance. Some emails, BGG feedback, and 2 new patrons close out the show.

00:00:27 - Intro Banter! Featuring: NFL protests and Zach's Moab Trip

00:08:19 - What have we been playing? - Mountains of Madness, Ubongo 3D,

00:15:49 - Adrian Recaps HeavyCon

00:28:51 - News: Clank! In! Space! Expansion!

00:31:09 - News: Age of Sigmar - for kids!

00:33:17 - News: Cosmic Encounter 42nd Ed

00:36:19 - News: Giant Azul

00:39:54 - KS: New Corp Era

00:43:01 - KS: Herbaceous: Sprouts

00:45:04 - KS: Villagers

00:48:38 - KS: Bloc by Bloc

00:51:56 - KS: Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops

00:58:49 - Emails!

01:04:36 - BGG Feedback

01:06:54 - New Patrons

01:12:17 - Check out Multiuniversum

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