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MHGG #94 - Veggies Planting Veggies

Zach and Jeff start off the episode with a camping trip before moving onto recent played games. Jeff went shopping in Magic Maze, Zach pushed cards together in Unlock, and Adrian gets a finds a new Acronym for DnD. Jeff then recaps his last Blood Bowl match and moves on News and Kickstarters. Pandasaurus Games goes full touch for Nyctophobia, My Little Scythe goes legit, and XWing goes second. In Kickstarters, Empyreal attracts both Adrian and Zach and Adrian gushes over Tales of the Northlands. An email, a BGG response, and new Patreons close out the show.

00:00:27 - Intro Banter! - Featuring: A Camping Trip

00:03:17 - What have we been playing? Magic Maze, Unlock, Terraforming Mars, DnD

00:20:22 - The Bloody Minute

00:28:42 - News: Nyctophobia from Pandasaurus Games

00:32:52 - News: My Little Scythe

00:35:15 - News: X-Wing Miniatures Game Second Edition

00:39:43 - News: Arcadia Quest Riders Flash Kickstarter

00:42:48 - KS: Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden

00:46:58 - KS: Treasure Mountain

00:51:00 - KS: Tricky Tides

00:53:50 - KS: Empyreal

00:58:03 - KS: Tales of the Northlands

01:04:09 - Emails!

01:08:55 - BGG Feedback

01:13:58 - Check out City of Gears

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