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MHGG #176 - 30 for 30

This week, Adrian dips back into Splendor, Jef experiences success in God of War, and Zach thinks in a new way in Sticheln. After a Blood Bowl championship match and long away Kingdom Death Hour, our hosts check out the new clash of cultures edition and Blob scenario from FFG. In Kickstarter, Grey fox introduces another deckbuilder, and Hero Forge goes color. Some listener feedback and a new patron close out the show.

00:00:29 - Starting random vampire nonsense

00:05:04 - What have we been playing? No BG Stream, Irish Gauge, Splendor, Castles of Burgundy, God of War the Card Game, The Grizzled, Isle of Cats, Sticheln

00:32:08 - Mid-show banter! Featuring: Color out of Space, Japan finally here

00:49:50 - The Bloody Minute!

01:00:40 - Kingdom Death Hour

01:18:57 - News: Clash of Cultures Monumental Edition

01:22:01 - News: Zen Garden

01:24:02 - News: Blob that ate everything Arkham horror

01:26:16 - KS: Tortuga 2199

01:32:27 - KS: Migration Mars

01:39:30 - KS: Hero Forge 2.0

01:48:45 - Emails!

01:55:46 - BGG Feedback

01:56:30 - Paulo's Youtube Corner

02:02:01 - Grey Fox Games' Tortuga 2199

02:02:55 - New Patron!

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