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MHGG #175 - Twice the Power

In recently played games, Adrian goes live again at Hexacon, Jeff encounters the Valkyrie Queen in God of War, and Zach tries out the new heroes in Marvel Champions. In News, The Shining gets a game adaptation, and Cosmic Encounter goes Duo. In Kickstarters, we Return to Dark Tower, and examine Oath. Some listener feedback closes out the show.

00:02:51 - Boardgames!: MHDD live, Marvel Champions, Stockpile, God of War the Card Game,more Marvel Champions!

00:44:55 - Midshow Banter! featuring: Bad Boys, 1917, Snowboarding, Japan, Work,

00:59:53 - The Bloody Minute!

01:00:59 - News: Asmodee buys Repos Productions

01:03:20 - News: The Shining

01:05:33 - News: Cosmic Encounter Duel

01:09:23 - KS: Star Realms Deluxe Nova Collection

01:13:34 - KS: Return to Dark Tower

01:23:25 - KS: Oath

01:36:25- Paulo's Youtube Corner!

01:42:40 - Grey Fox Games Tortuga 2199 KS

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