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MHGG #164 - Dino Rockets

With Jeff unable to join, Wes takes his spot and does most of a good job. In Recently played games, Adrian turmoiled like crazy in Root, Zach Civ like none had cived before in Civ: A New Dawn, and Wes just couldn’t draw the cards in Arkham Horror LCG. In light News, Pandemic’s 2020 survival season is announced. In Kickstarters, Zombicide tries again, Tiny Epic goes Jurassic, and an 18xx that looks good? Whaaaaaaaaaa?

  • 00:00:30 - Intro Banter! Featuring: Wes sub for Jeff, Cars, Debt, Noita, Switch Games

  • 00:15:40 - What have we been playing?: Quest for El Dorado, Root, Team 3, Civ a New Dawn, Exit Haunted Roller Coaster, Arkham Horror LCG, Dredd

  • 00:42:43 - Light News: Jimi Hendrix high Risk

  • 00:44:20 - News: 2020 Pandemic Survival Season

  • 00:47:16 - KS: Zombicide 2nd edition

  • 00:58:16 - KS: Tiny Epic Dinosaurs

  • 01:06:29 - KS: Emperor's Choice

  • 01:15:08 - KS: 1861/1867

  • 01:25:19 - Listener Feedback

  • 01:28:55 - New Patron!

  • 01:30:46 - Grey Fox Games War of the Worlds streams and After the Empire Preorders

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