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MHGG #154 - Super Casual

Jeff and Zach continue to record, remoting at another location as Adrian Tirelessly works on getting the new studio up and running. They keep it casual and talk way too long about Fast and Furious, get into some recently played games, dip their toes back into News and Kickstarters, and catch up on some listener feedback.

  • 00:00:23 - Super Casual Banter! Featuring - post con stuff, Fast and Furious Info Dump, Sushi

  • 00:21:40 - What have we been casually playing? - Klask 4p, Imhotep, Cartographer, Silver Amulet, Cribbage, Legacy of Dragonholt

  • 00:42:46 - Casual Blood Bowl

  • 00:45:38 - Casual News: Clank Legacy and Tapestry

  • 00:48:07 - Casual Kickstarters: Ultra Tiny Epic Galaxies and After the Empire

  • 00:52:32 - Casual Shipping woes from Golden Bell

  • 00:55:25 - Casual Emails!

  • 01:11:05 - Casual BGG Feedback!

  • 01:19:15 - Casually check out Grey Fox Games' new Kickstarter After the Empire!

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