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MHGG #151 - A Carrot Purée

In recently played games, Adrian Burned up in High Frontier, Zach egg-rolled some dice in Wok Star, and Jeff wandered around Barnacle Bay then gave an update on the Bloody Minute championship game. In News, Days of Wonder announces Deep Blue and Barenpark expands. In Kickstarters. Pret-a-porter gets a new edition and Trial by Trolley attempts to answer a question. Some listener feedback closes out the show.

00:00:31 - Intro Banter! featuring: 4th of July, Spiderman Far From Home(general spoilers from 4:47-9:02), BBQ, Eye Problems

00:14:03 - What have we been playing?: Cabo, Sagrada, QE, High Frontier, Yummy Yummy Pancake, Wok Star, Wander: The Cult of Barnacle Bay

00:41:55 - The Bloody Minute!

00:46:40 - News: Tariffs suspended

00:47:49 - News: Deep Blue

00:50:28 - News: Barenpark - Bad News Bears

00:52:54 - News: The Quest for El Dorado New edition

00:56:24 - KS: Pret-a-Porter

01:03:16 - KS: Crypt X Puzzle

01:06:25 - KS: Isle of Cats

01:10:49 - KS: Trial by Trolley

01:16:24 - Emails!

01:17:55 - BGG Responses

01:21:33 - Grey Fox Games' Reavers of Midgard delivering to backers

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