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MHGG #130 - The Third Visit

With Jeff back, our hosts start off digging into his leg and other bantery things before getting into recently played games. Jeff goes through his backlog, Adrian goes full Mancala in Crusaders, and Zach gets smoked in Cribbage. After a lengthy Bloody Minute, our hosts then move onto News and Kickstarters. In News, FGG announces a new Star wars game and we get an info dump on TIME Stories Revolution. In kickstarters, Millenium Blades gets another expansion and Renegade games debuts a Tremors style game. An emails and some listener feedback close out the show.

  • 00:00:30 - Intro Banter! Featuring: Jeff's leg, The Grand Tour, Super bowls, Sniper Elite 4, Resident Evil 2

  • 00:23:10 - What have we been playing?: Wingspan, Just One, Sagrada, Kanagawa, King of Tokyo, The Game, Crusaders Thy Will Be Done, Mystic Vale Steam version, Cribbage

  • 00:43:27 - Bloody Minute for real!

  • 00:49:35 - News: Ninja Division KS issues continued

  • 00:54:11 - News: BGG Apps

  • 00:56:20 - News: Star Wars Outer Rim

  • 01:00:25 - News: Time Stories Revolution

  • 01:03:56 - KS: Millenium Blades Collusion

  • 01:08:59 - KS: Wavelength

  • 01:13:42 - KS: Terror Below

  • 01:17:11 - KS: Reunification

  • 01:23:44 - Emails!

  • 01:25:35 - BGG Feedback

  • 01:30:29 - Paulo's Youtube Corner

  • 01:37:48 Get ready for Tsukuyumi KS from Grey Fox Games

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