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MHGG #129 - The Europe Area

With Jeff still on sick leave, Wes joins in as 3rd chair to talk about stuff. In recently played games, Wes gets swindled by Zach in Ponzi Scheme, Adrian gets an Egg in his face in Wingspan, and Zach completes a milestone in Terraforming Mars. In News, a bunch of new games get announced as well as more details for Food Chain Magnate’s Ketchup expansion. In Kickstarters, Yokohama gets a 2 player version, Dead Man’s Cabal tries to get you some new friends, and Parks takes you on a journey through the national park system. An email and some listener feedback close out the show.

00:00:28 - Intro Banter! Featuring: Guest Host Wes, brunch and a new job, one last lyft ride, moving an office, RE 2

00:17:17 - What have we been playing?: Ponzi Scheme, Just One, Crusaders Thy Will Be Done, Wingspan, Terraforming Mars, Arkham Horror, King of New York

00:55:51 - Bloodly DnD Minute?

00:57:21 - News: Alay 20th anniversary with Las Vegas and Castles of Burgundy Deluxe

01:01:13 - News: Era and Century New World

01:04:43 - News: Portal 2019 games

01:09:30 - News: Food Chain Magnate Ketchup Expansion

01:17:36 - KS: Yokohama Duel

01:22:00 - KS: Race for the Chinese Zodiac

01:28:28 - KS: Dead Man's Cabal

01:32:35 - KS: Shake up

01:38:18 - KS: Parks

01:43:30 - Emails!

01:49:00 - BGG Feedback

01:53:45 - Paulo's Youtube Corner

01:57:07 - Get ready for Tsukuyumi KS from Grey Fox Games

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