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MHGG #126 - A Sick Man

Banter gets done just in time for recently played games to get discussed. Adrian got into good spirits with Spirit Island, Jeff got to try out Terraforming Mars Colonies, and Zach made some potions in Quacks of Quedlinburg. Blood bowl finals are analysed, then News and Kickstarters are looked into. Some Youtube comments close the show.

00:00:35 - Intro Banter! Featuring: Sick Jeff, Snowboarding, Football, Old Movies, Into the Breach 00:16:02 - What Have We Been Playing?: The Estates, Spirit Island, Race for the Galaxy, Terraforming Mars(W/ Colonies), Quacks of Quedlinburg 00:40:25 - The Bloody Minute! 00:48:44 - The Lookback Machine: Feast for Odin, Great Western Trail, Mystic Vale, Santorini, Patchwork, Druids, Race/Roll for the Galaxy 01:00:46 - News: Feast for Odin - The Norwegians 01:04:25 - News: Conspiracy 01:06:41 - News: Wolfgan Warsch New Games 01:10:54 - News: Journeys into Middle Earth 01:18:25 - KS: War of the Worlds The New Wave - From Grey Fox Games 01:25:46 - KS: Tsuro - Phoenix Rising 01:30:38 - KS: Suburbia Collector's edition 01:36:36 - KS: La Stanza 01:42:39 - Paulo's Youtube Corner!

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