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MHGG #125 - My Ears are Bleeding

Starting off the new year, our hosts get that banter going before moving onto recently played games. Adrian built a highway in Tokyo Highway, Zach sold containers in Container, and Jeff brought death to monsters in Kingdom Death. In News, suburbia gets a collector’s edition and TIME Stories finishes its’ first cycle. Three kickstarters are discussed and emails and other listener feedback close out the show.

00:00:27 - Intro Banter! Featuring: 2019, Full Strength Beer, Broncos, Stanley Parable, Just Cause 3, Factorio

00:17:01 - What have we been playing?: Dice Forge, Tokyo Highway, Container Jumbo, Spirit Island, Terraforming Mars, Kingdom Death: Monster

00:59:11 - Bloody Minute

01:00:20 - News: Suburbia Collector's Edition

01:03:12 - News: Gama's Mike Stackpole leaves

01:06:56 - News: T.I.M.E. Stories Madame expansion

01:09:27 - KS: Onimaru

01:13:41 - KS: Railways of Portugal (ROTW expansion)

01:18:21 - KS: Nocturion

01:23:38 - Emails!

01:39:19 - Paulo's Youtube Corner

01:42:37 - New Info on War of the Worlds: New wave

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