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MHGG #124 - Too Many Games

Our hosts start off the new year with a recap of their New Year’s, before going too deep into what they have been playing. Adrian went on a heavy game binge, Zach went thematic, and Jeff went KDM-y. A few News articles are discussed and some listener feedback closes out the show.

00:00:32 - Intro Banter! Featuring: a new year, Christmas, Red Dead Redemption 2, Murder Island, Other Various video games

00:18:18 - What have we been playing XL Edition?: Three Kingdom Redux, Exit: The Mysterious Museum, Pitchstorm, Container, Mechs vs Minions, 18Chesapeake, Just One, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, Mice and Mystics, Kingdom Death Monster

01:22:39 - News: Adventure Game Series from KOSMOS

01:26:35 - News: Thrown from Wizkids

01:28:50 - News: Top 50 best selling games from 2018(from an LGS)

01:32:44 - Emails!

01:36:31 - Paulo's Youtube Corner

01:39:34 - New audio info about War of the Worlds the Next Wave from Grey Fox Games!

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