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MHGG #121 - Whippin Blu-Rays Redux

Joined by Wes, the DM for Mile High Dungeon Delvers, our hosts dive into this week's show. With not much happening in their personal lives, they get right to recently played games where Jeff flicked penguins around an extra large school in Ice Cool 2, Wes went on adventures in Action Castle, Adrian sent robots out in City of Gears, and Zach narrowly stayed aloft in Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition. After talking recent plays, the hosts crawl into the Lookback Machine to revisit some of their old reviews. News mainly features new games announced at PaxU like Metal Gear and Clank Legacy. Kickstarter focuses on a massive miniatures game in Tainted Grail and fancy Blood Bowl upgrades with Blizzone. As always the show is wrapped up with a variety of listener feedback.

00:01:50 - Intro Banter! Featuring: Wes builds rickety things and has jury duty while Adrian suffers the Broncos losing a rough game.

00:06:45 - What have we been playing? Ice Cool 2, Magic Maze, Action Castle, City of Gears, Mansions of Madness 2nd Ed

00:32:49 - The Lookback Machine

  • 00:33:38 - Quadropolis

  • 00:35:11 - Isle of Skye

  • 00:37:09 - Mechs Vs Minions

  • 00:39:32 - Last Will

  • 00:42:04 - Cry Havoc

00:46:31 - News

00:53:52 - Kickstarter

01:07:39 - Listener Feedback

  • 01:07:50 - Emails

  • 01:12:18 - Paulo's Youtube Corner

  • 01:13:48 - BGG Feedback

01:14:32 - Contact Info

01:15:39 - Keep an eye out for City of Gears, showing up in stores now!

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