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MHGG #119 - A Doozy of a Day

In this banter episode, Adrian gets a little frustrated with Tramways Engineer’s Workbook, Zach washed out in Kanagawa, and Jeff went mad in Castles of Mad King Ludwig. Jeff then gave out overviews of five(!) blood bowl games over the last week. In News, Black Mirror gets a game, A Kanju game goes dexterous, and Grey Fox and King Raccoon join forces. In Kickstarters, Rallyman GT, Grindhouse, Assassin’s Creed, and Hero realms expansions are discussed. Some listener feedback and new Patrons close out the show.

00:00:31 - Intro Banter! Featuring: (American) Thanksgiving, Job fairs, Family visiting, gut punches

00:05:17 - What have we been playing?: Tramways Engineer's Notebook, Hanamikoji, Kanagawa, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Keyforge (Broncos Win something)

00:28:09 - The Bloody Minute: Super-sized edition!

00:42:54 - News: Keyforge Names released

00:44:54 - News: Black Mirror: Nose Dive

00:50:28 - News: Race for the Galaxy New Frontiers

00:51:46 - News: Lift Off

00:53:16 - News: Revolution of 1828

00:55:56 - News: Smash City

00:57:34 - News: Grey Fox and King Raccoon Join Forces

00:59:24 - KS: Rallyman GT

01:03:23 - KS: Grindhouse

01:06:35 - KS: Assassin's Creed - Brotherhood of Venice

01:12:30 - KS: Hero Realms Journeys

01:18:45 - Emails!

01:32:38 - Paulo's Youtube corner

01:33:45 - New Patrons!

01:39:08 - Get ready for City of Gears to come out from Grey Fox Games!

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