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MHGG #116 - Out of Thin Air

Our hosts start off the show with some banter about their week before getting into some recently played games. Adrian lost the Game, Jeff felt a rise in power in Kingdom Death Monster, and Zach escaped with his life in Mansions of Madness. In news, a designer diary about unique games and Carcassonne gets a safari version. Many kickstarters are discussed, including Tidal reefs and The New Spirit Island expansion. Some listener feedback closes out the show.

00:00:27 - Intro banter! Featuring: New Mics, Adrian's Weekend, Heels, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Video Cards, Terraforming Mars on Steam, Subnautica

00:14:21 - What have we been playing?: MHDD, The Game, Kingdom Death Monster, Mansions of Madness 2nd edition

00:40:53 - Bloody Minute!

00:41:39 - News: Designer Diary about Unique Games from Fantasy Flight Games

00:44:16 - News: Carcassonne Safari

00:46:20 - News: Video Vortex Deck Building Game

00:48:56 - KS: Valhalla

00:51:57 - KS: Tidal Blades

01:01:54 - KS: Spirit Island Jagged Earth

01:12:54 - KS: Wild Assent

01:19:15 - KS: Tome of Holding

01:26:10 - Emails!

01:29:50 - Paulo's Youtube Corner

01:31:49 - BGG Feedback

01:34:57 - Get ready for Reaver's of Midgard going on Kickstarter Nov 1st

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