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MHGG #114 - Kiss Eyes

In this week’s banter, Adrian laments the Bronco’s current quality of play and Jeff and Zach talk about some video games they have been obsessed with. In recently played games, Adrian gives Speakeasy Blues a second chance, Zach is waiting for his chance in the Noch Mall App, and Jeff gets accosted by a thing in Lamentations, and then follows up with the Bloody Minute. In News Honshu gets a followup with Hokkaido, Trajan gets a reprint, and Evil Dead 2 may have a spark of life left. In Kickstarters Expedition gets an expansion and Lovelace and Baggage tries to math its way into your heart. A Bgg comment closes out the show.

00:00:34 - Intro Banter! Featuring: a Barrel Mishap, Football and Baseball, Spiderman PS4(Minor Spoilers 9:49 - 10:49), Assassin's Creed Odyessey

00:15:08 - What have we been playing?: Shut the box, Black Ochestra, Speakeasy Blues, Noch Mal, Kobayakawa, Lamentations of the Flame Princess

00:28:21 - The Bloody Minute!

00:35:22 - News: Hokkaido

00:37:28 - News: The Great City of Rome

00:38:42 - News: Trajan Reprinting

00:39:45 - News: Catan Crop Trust

00:42:04 - News: Evil Dead 2 Maybe revived

00:44:12 - KS: Expedition the Future

00:47:23 - KS: Towers of Arkhanos

00:50:18 - KS: Space Explorers

00:54:32 - KS: Mezo

00:57:56 - KS: Lovelace and Babbage

01:04:24 - BGG feedback

01:09:33 - Get ready for Reavers of Midgard on Nov 1st!

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