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MHGG #113 - Such a Kayfabe

Adrian details his packed weekend with delicious food and Jeff gets disappointed a bit at Beck before moving onto some recently played games. Zach rolled the dice in Shut the Box, Jeff got his hands dirty in Brass Lancashire and Adrian kept his hands to himself in a solo play of Brass Birmingham. In News, The Mind Designers has a new idea for a roll and write Tetris game, Food Chain gets an expansion and Hasbro makes some parody board games. In Kickstarters, Climbers goes big and hanamikoji gets a playmat. An email, some listener feedback, and a new patron close out the show.

00:00:30 - Intro Banter! Featuring: Heavy Cardboard Stream, a Visiting Parent, Beck.

00:10:02 - What have we been playing?: Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Shut the Box, Brass Lancashire and Birmingham, Hand and Foot

00:28:25 - The Bloody Minute!

00:34:52 - News: Narabi

00:37:01 - News: Brikks

00:38:09 - News: Dragon Castle App

00:39:07 - News: Food Chain Magnate Expansion

00:42:01 - News: Parody Board Games

00:43:54 - KS: Project L

00:46:51 - KS: Periodic

00:49:19 - KS: Key Flow

00:51:47 - KS: Climbers XL

00:56:47 - KS: Hanamikoji Playmat and Promos

00:59:41 - KS: Centurion Deckbox

01:02:56- Emails!

01:12:35 - Paulo's Youtube Corner

01:14:12 - New Patron

01:18:16 - Get ready for Reavers of Midgard from Grey Fox Games!

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