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MHGG #112 - The RPBGU

With Jeff still recovering from GABF, our hosts start off with some banter before getting into some recently played games. Jeff stacked balls in Pylos, Zach cursed out some AI in the Stockpile App, and Adrian got a bunch of hooch in Speakeasy Blues. In News, Tabletopia for android and the Onitama App are released and GMT goes Fantasy. In Kickstarters, Lockup, Homebrewers, Set a Watch, Artemis Project, and a duo of game tables are discussed. A youtube comment finishes out the episode.

00:00:33 - Intro Banter! Featuring: Post GABF, Housewarming, GABF, Pawnee Grasslands,

00:13:22 - What have we been playing?: Pylos, Stockpile App, Speakeasy Blues

00:30:33 - Bloody Minute!

00:31:48 - News: Tabletopia live on Android

00:33:31 - News: Onitama App

00:34:51 - News: Men at Work

00:36:20 - News: Mystery Wizard

00:38:45 - News: Betrayal at House on the Hill was almost Stephen king based

00:42:05 - KS: Lockup

00:45:41 - KS: Homebrewers

00:51:13 - KS: Set a Watch

00:57:37 - KS: The Artemis Project

01:02:24 - KS: The Jasper and Game Changer Tables

01:09:51 - Paulo's Youtube Corner

01:12:55 - Get ready for Reavers of Midgard

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