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MHGG #110 - Fifty-Two Times Better

Our hosts start off catching up on the week before getting into some recently played games. Zach attempted to harvest some cards in Illimat, Jeff got a taste of RPGs in Lamentations of the Flame Princess, and Adrian lost twice in Brass Lancashire. After the Bloody minute, they move onto News and Kickstarters. In News, Weta Workshop made some crazy minis terrain, Quarriors get a Qultimate Quedition, and Between two Castles of Mad King Ludwig is announced. In Kickstarters, Guildmaster and Starcadia Quest are announced and Discworld ankh-morpork gets a revised edition In Naty Marking. A Few emails close out the show.

00:00:31 - Intro Banter! Featuring: Dying Light, World of Warcraft, Computer repair, The Good Place, Bojack Horseman, Clone wars, Homeowner Woes

00:14:54 - What have we been playing?: Illimat, Noch Mal, Wordsy, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Most Wanted, Brass Lancashire

00:50:02 - The Bloody Minute!

00:56:50 - News: Weta Workshop Crazy Minis Terrain

00:59:22 - News: AuZtralia and Terraforming Mars Colonies

01:01:32 - News: Quarriors Qultimate Quedition

01:03:09 - News: Game of Thrones Deluxe gamemat

01:05:19 - News: Warhammer School Club

01:08:11 - News: Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig

01:10:56 - News: Raiatea Cover backlash

01:16:04 - KS: Guildmaster

01:19:40 - KS: Starcadia Quest

01:24:53 - KS: Nanty Narking

01:28:25 - Emails!

01:42:28 - Paulo's Youtube Corner

01:43:23 - Check out Pocket Mars from Grey Fox Games

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