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MHGG #108 - Only 90s Kids

Settling into the recording studio, our hosts chat about their last week before diving into recently played games. Adrian bailed many things out in QE, Jeff moved some tiles in Dragon Castle, and Zach tried to exit a castle in EXIT. In News, Farmers of the Moor gets a reprint, GoT Catan and Spirit Island get expansions, and Popular Mechanics releases a new board games list. In Kickstarters, Power Rangers gets a tabletop treatment. A couple emails, some fan feedback, and a new patron close out the show.

00:00:32 - Intro Banter! Featuring: Smoke, Clone Wars, Wow, Estes Park, Dogs

00:19:16 - What have we been playing?: QE, Dragon Castle, Exit: The Forbidden Castle, Forbidden Sky

00:38:51 - Bloody Minute!

00:40:33 - News: Gale Force Nine Bringing more Dune Games

00:42:50 - News: Agricola Farms of the Moor expansion reprint

00:44:51 - News: GoT Catan - Brotherhood of the Watch

00:47:20 - News: Spirit Island Expansion

00:51:51 - News: Popular Mechanic's 50 Best New Board Games

00:54:55 - KS: Power Rangers

00:59:30 - KS: Unstable Unicorns Control and Chaos

01:02:41 - KS: EndoGenesis

01:06:26 - KS: Firenze

01:09:13 - Emails!

01:15:41 - BGG Response

01:18:17 - Paulo's Youtube Corner!

01:19:25 - New Patron

01:24:10 - Check out Pocket Mars from Greyfox Games!

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