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MHGG #107 - Hot and Bothered

With our hosts reunited, in a new studio no less, they and Guest Andrew talk about their past week before getting into recently played games. Jeff ruled with a calcium-laden hand in Aye Dark Overlord!, Andrew cannot escape the Pandemic Series, Zach gets terminology wrong in Everdell, and Adrian gets schooled by a 9 year old in Welcome To. In News, Tabletopia mobile gets online play, FFG announces another Unique™ game in Discover: Lands Unknown, and the Spiel 2018 Preview page goes up on BGG. In Kickstarter, another One Night game goes live and Wyrmwood goes Bespoke. An Email, some BGG feedback, and a youtube comment close out the show.

00:00:27 - Intro Banter! Featuring: Guest Andrew, New Studio, Dead cells, Computer Beer, Perseids Meteor Shower, Sports

00:22:54 - What have we been playing?: Aye Dark Overlord, Pocket Mars, Pandemic Iberia, The Mind, Pandemic Legacy season 2 and 1, Hanamikoji, Everdell, Herbalism, Welcome To

00:53:15 - The Bloody Minute

00:53:37 - News: More Board Game App Announcements

00:56:31 - News: Tabletopia tablets online play

00:58:50 - News: Target gets 95 exclusives

01:02:29 - News: Discover: Lands Unknown

01:09:35 - News: Spiel 2018 BGG Preview up

01:16:25 - KS: One Night Ultimate Super Villains

01:21:34 - KS: Hellenica

01:30:55 - KS: Wyrmwood Dice Tower Bespoke Edition

01:35:46 - KS: Hyground

01:38:04 - Emails!

01:43:23 - BGG Feedback

01:46:31 - Paulo's Youtube Corner?

01:50:10 - Check out City of Gears from Grey Fox Games

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