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MHGG# 106 - An Era Ends


With a final farewell to the old studio, our hosts start with out with an extra large banter, before going into recently played games. Adrian flicked his way into the Mars Open, Zach balance wood in Bamboleo, and Just played with tubes in Dr. Eureka. In News, a New Crossroads game is announced, Zombicide goes RPG, and Tiny Epic gets mechs. In Kickstarters, Animal Adventures brings dogs into the dnd fold and Sabotage brings some more hidden movement to the gameplace. An Email and a BGG response close out the show.

00:00:33 - Intro Banter! Featuring - Last studio recording, More moving, Alexa, Borderlands 2, Charterstone, Star Realms Frontiers, Missions Impossible, Tropic Thunder

00:22:43 - What have we been playing? Mars Open, Bamboleo, Deluxe Hanabi, Dr. Eureka

00:30:53 - The Bloody Minute

00:32:50 - News: Deluxe Arboretum

00:34:42 - News: Inis Seasons

00:36:19 - News: Gen 7 A Crossroads Game

00:41:15 - News: Pipelines

00:43:06 - News: 30% of all KS'ers are Boardgames

00:45:31 - News: Zombicide RPG

00:47:50 - News: Munchkin Dungeon

00:49:31 - News: Tiny Epic Mechs

00:51:11 - News: Asmodee NA CEO to Step Down

00:53:41 - KS: Call to Adventure

00:57:08 - KS: Animal Adventures

01:00:45 - KS: Moonshiners of the Apocalypse

01:04:06 - KS: Sabotage

01:11:01 - KS: Run, Fight, or Die

01:14:43 - Emails

01:15:51 - BGG Response

01:20:06 - Check out Run, Fight, or Die

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