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MHGG #105 - The Horse's Familiar

Our hosts start the episode off with a recap of some movies watched and oceans explored, before moving onto recently played games. Jeff and Zach got some good ole Aye Dark Overlord action and Adrian abstracted his way into victory in Dokmus. Jeff lets us know the Championship match results in the bloody Minute and then starts to rundown News and Kickstarters. In News, Stockpile goes digital, Imperial Assault gets new content, and Spiel awards are announced. In Kickstarters, Unfair gets an expansion, Trogdor burninates people’s wallets, and Vital is back with EGG and Ian O’Toole for Escape Plan. Many listener feedbacks and a new patron close out the show.

00:00:31 - Intro Banter! Featuring: Adrian continues to pack, Podcast stingers, Missions Impossible, Split (sort of spoilers), Subnautica

00:11:21 - What have we been playing?: Charterstone, Aye Dark Overlord!, Welcome To! Mishaps, Dokmus, DnD

00:27:05 - The Bloody Minute

00:32:50 - What are we drinking? Andrew final

00:36:22 - News: Stockpile App

00:38:10 - News: Imperial Assault App Jabba Campaign

00:41:31 - News: Feast for Odin the Norwegians

00:45:18 - News: Amazon Alexa Board Game

00:49:44 - News: Pandemic 10th Anniversary edition

00:53:04 - News: Asmodee purchased

00:56:14 - News: Kennerspiel and spiel des jahres winners

00:59:17 - KS: Gloomhaven Player Mats

01:03:21 - KS: Unfair Expansion

01:13:15 - KS: Trogdor!!

01:20:58 - KS: Mapmaker

01:25:28 - KS: Escape Plan

01:34:25 - Emails! (Matt Gif 1 and 2)

01:43:28 - Punchboard Media Comments

01:47:01 - BGG responses

01:56:49 - New Patron!

01:59:29 - Check out Pocket Mars at Gencon

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