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MHGG #103 - That's Just Math

With our hosts reunited, Zach starts us off with his experience driving across the country, and then they dip into recently played games. Zach made some educated guesses in Herbalism, Jeff found his lost card in 7 Wonders Duel Pantheon, and Adrian abstracted whale hunting in New Bedford. Jeff gives the final recap of his Orcs in The Bloody Minute. In News, Celesia and Mansions of Madness get expansions, the Game actually gets some art, and Cool Runnings uses actual ice cubes to play with. Startropolis, Disastles, and Snowdonia are discussed in Kickstarters. Next, they read off three new emails and greet 2 new patrons. Finally, the winners of the Champions of Midgard giveaway and the secret Patreon giveaway are announced to end the show.

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