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MHGG #102 - Hurt Me More

With Zach driving from Portland to Georgia, Ant makes his second consecutive appearance on the show! After discussing flags, soccer, and an eclectic game store the hosts discuss recently played games. Jeff searched for a cure in Herbalism, Adrian narrowly lost some airport Hanabi, and Ant experienced tragedy in This War of Mine. After a very short Bloody Minute they all move on to News and Kickstarters where Spielworxx partners with BGG and Terraforming Mars gets yet another expansion announced. In Kickstarters, video game conversions are the focus with a Binding of Isaac and an Elite Dangerous card game. A couple Emails, a new patron, and a visit from a fan close out the show.

00:00:51 - Intro Banter! Featuring: Flags, Japan vs Belgium, and a visit to Adventure Games Plus Hobbies in Waukesha, WI.

00:12:38 - What have we been playing?: Herbalism, This War of Mine, Welcome To, Hanabi

00:31:45 - The Bloody Minute

00:34:54 News and KS

01:02:02 - Listener Feedback

  • 01:12:23 - Hanging with a listener

01:19:11 - New Patron!

01:20:57 - Champions of Midgard Giveaway

01:27:26 - Check out Pocket Mars from Grey Fox Games!

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