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MHDD S01E00 - The Raid

The Raid

While the crew is catching up from the winter holiday season, please join us on a trip back in time to the event that brought us all together: The Raid on the Sorenson Estates. In this prequel episode, with questionable audio audio quality, our five unlikely heroes all descend on the same location with a variety of intertwining motives. As their paths cross they are forced to work together and rely on each other as they uncover the mysteries beneath the estate.

Cast and Characters

  • Adrian - Kenaz

  • Tiefling Paladin, Oath of Vengeance

  • Allison - Allet

  • Human Fighter, Battle Master

  • Bob - Darcassan

  • Wood Elf Wizard, Bladesinger

  • Klew - Nat

  • Tiefling Druid, Circle of the Moon

  • Leander - Mr. Tiki

  • Warforged Artificer, Alchemist

  • Wes - DM

  • Human Storyteller




Denver CO United States

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