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MHGG #92 - Lost, but in Space

Our hosts start off talking about their weekend, including a bachelor party and an escape room before looking at some recently played games. Zach threw some dice and flipped some coconuts in Tumblin’ Dice and Coconuts, and Adrian tried to control dumb workers in Euphoria. Jeff gave a play by play of his most recent game in The Bloody Minute. In news, Mansions of Madness comes to the computer, What’s your Game announces some revamped editions, and 538 goes in depth on the stats of Gloomhaven on BGG. In Kickstarter, GROWL shortens Werewolf, Fleet goes Roll-and-Write, and Adrian got a chance to try out the Estates. Some BGG feedback closes out the show.

00:00:27 - Intro Banter! Featuring: A bachelor party, an escape room, lost in space

00:13:43 - What have we been playing? - Tumblin' Dice, Coconuts, Euphoria

00:26:41 - The Bloody Minute

00:34:37 - News: Mansions of Madness PC Version

00:36:12 - News: Fury of Dracula from Wizkids

00:38:11 - News: What's Your Game! Announcements

00:40:30 - News: Mensa 2018 Winners

00:43:02 - News: 538 Article on Gloomhaven

00:47:07 - KS: GROWL

00:52:15 - KS: Fleet: The Dice Game

00:57:46 - KS: Miskatonic University

01:01:31 - KS: The Faceless

01:04:09 - KS: The Estates

01:11:25 - BGG feedback!

01:16:49 - Check out Deception Murder in Hong Kong & Undercover Allies

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