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MHGG #91 - A Prepared Statement

Our hosts start off the podcast with an announcement before getting into some recently played games. Zach and Jeff get crushed in Mystic Vale, and Adrian and Zach can’t get their act together in The Mind. In News, Asmodee highlights some modern classics, Ares Games Announces a Battlestar Galactica Mini game, and Boarders defrauds gamers for thousands. In Kickstarters, Expansions for Kitchen Rush and Grifters are discussed and CMON puts out yet another new zombicide game. A listener email closes out the show.

00:00:28 - Intro Banter! Featuring: A new sponsor!, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Murder Island

00:10:07 - What have we been playing?: Mystic Vale, The Mind

00:18:03 - The Bloody Minute

00:19:01 - News: Asmodee launches Modern Classics Line

00:20:55 - News: T.I.M.E. Stories - Brotherhood of the Coast

00:22:29 - News: Battlestar Galatica Starship Battles

00:23:42 - News: Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger

00:27:56 - News: Boarders Tabletop Studio Defrauds Thousands

00:31:31 - KS: Kitchen Rush a Piece of Cake Expansion

00:36:28 - KS: Tour Operator

00:40:43 - KS: Grifters Nexus

00:45:08 - KS: Lifeform

00:47:54 - KS: Zombicide Invaders

00:54:42 - Emails!

01:03:27 - Check out Champions of Midgard

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