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MHGG #90 - South Detroit, Born and Raised

Our hosts start off with Snowboarding at Keystone’s closing weekend before talking about recently played games. Jeff sniped advancements from Adrian in The Flow of History and Zach planted some herbs in Herbaceous. In recent News, Coolstuffinc assures purchasers their product is pure, more info for Race for the Galaxy 2nd edition is announced, and Games Workshop debuts a LOTR mini game. In Kickstarters Godtear and Street Fighter are announced as well as a puzzle book for Tramways and some Blood Bowl models. Some emails, including a couple hockey based emails, and some BGG response close out the show.

00:00:27 - Intro Banter! Featuring: Predator, Snowboarding, Murder Island

00:11:01 - What have we been playing? The Flow of History, Herbaceous

00:27:57 - News: CoolstuffInc officially sells legitimate games

00:30:10 - News: Mystic Vale Conclave

00:33:46 - News: Race for the Galaxy 2nd edition

00:37:27 - News: LOTR game from Games Workshop

00:40:55 - KS: Godtear

00:47:13 - KS: Street Fighter the Mini Game

00:54:12 - KS: Tramways Engineer Workbook

01:58:42 - KS: Fantasy Football Demons and Chaos

01:07:26 - Emails!

01:10:53 - Hockey Block Emails

01:23:45 - BGG Feedback

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