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MHGG One More Time With Feeling

Our hosts start out the week talking about more recording woes and some Netflix series recommends, and then jump into some played games. Zach melded in the Mind, Jeff was erased from time in Kingdom Death Monster, and Adrian played by himself in Terraforming Mars. Jeff talks about the season opener in the Bloody Minute before moving on to News and Kickstarters. Mystic Vale adds curses, 7 wonders adds gamewide interaction, and Asmodee branches out into other forms of entertainment. In Kickstarters, Architects of the West Kingdom and Vinyl are discussed. A Couple Emails and other listener feedback close out the show.

00:00:19 - Intro Banter! Featuring Adrian's sucky computer, Blade Runner, Netflix Recommends,

00:10:56 - What Have We Been Playing? The Mind, Unfair, Star Wars Imperial Assault, Kingdom Death Monster, Rising Sun, Terraforming Mars

00:36:47 - The Bloody Minute!

00:44:13 - News: Mystic Vale Twilight Garden Expansion

00:45:37 - News: 7 Wonders Armada

00:48:00 - News: Arkham Horror Homemade "revised"

00:51:17 - News: Geek Chic Employees start BandPass Designs

00:54:46 - News: Dinosaur Tea Party

00:57:08 - News: Asmodee Entertainment

01:00:03 - KS: Architects of the West Kingdom

01:03:37 - KS: Vinyl

01:07:04 - Emails!

01:14:18 - Listener Feedback

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