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The Hosts

Adrian Richardson

Host - Producer

Hey, I'm Adrian and I'm one of the founders of the Mile High Game Guys! I started playing modern boardgames back in 2013 starting with Settlers of Catan. Over the years I've moved from being a true omni-gamer to vastly preferring the heavier side of the hobby, due in large part to the influences of the Heavy Cardboard podcast; I've even appeared on a few of their live-streams. In addition to the podcast, I also run Denver Boardgame Night, a weekly boardgaming group that meets at different local breweries to play games and socialize, come check it out if you're ever in the Denver area!

Jeff Jackson

Host - Correspondant

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Zach McAnally

Host - Editor

Jordan Parker has been part of the Mile High Game Guys family since the beginning. Jordan Parker brings humor and a unique perspective to all projects, and we are so lucky to have such an amazing Senior Blogger.


Feel free to get in touch!

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Denver CO United States

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