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February 20, 2019


After some banter, our hosts turn to recently played games. Zach went tile crazy in Azul, Adrian get back into Spirit Island, and Jeff saw the horror in Betrayal Legacy. Jeff then gives us a Bloody Minute, tournament edition before running down some News and Kickstart...

January 23, 2019


This week in recently played games, Zach saw weird stuff during Herbalism, Jeff clearly saw the path to victory in Illusion, and Adrian saw the goodness in not giving up in Pandemic Fall of Rome. In News, Days of Wonder Announces Cornith and Fog of Love gets a Midlife...

October 24, 2018


Our hosts start off the show with some banter about their week before getting into some recently played games. Adrian lost the Game, Jeff felt a rise in power in Kingdom Death Monster, and Zach escaped with his life in Mansions of Madness. In news, a designer diary ab...

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