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August 21, 2019


The hosts are once again complete and ready to broadcast from their new studio! After a lengthy banter section as they catch up, Adrian got caught in a Loop with Pitchcar, Jeff spreads the word of Cabo, and Zach balanced the rings of Saturn. More Kingdom Death campaig...

July 3, 2019


Many non-board game things are discussed before Adrian reins the other hosts in to talk about recently played games. Adrian moves oil in Pipeline, Zach gets a cribbage board, and Jeff tries to become the world’s greatest detective. In News, Ticket to Ride gets a reali...

June 26, 2019


Some classic beginning-of-the-show banter begins the show before recently played games are discussed. Adrian drew his way into defeat in Loony Quest, Zach has an off Hanabi game, and Jeff continues on the Cabo train. In news, starfarers of Catan comes back, Mansions e...

June 12, 2019


Talk of E3 and inserts start off the episode before our hosts talk about their recently played games. Adrian did the math in High Frontier, Zach looked for anything to take him away from Doomseeker, and Jeff tried to live in We’re Doomed then they move onto News and K...

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